Akira Fitzgerald


11 year professional with experience in MLS, USL Championship, USL League 1, MASL and professional coaching. 2007 National Champion and 4x College Cups at Wake Forest University.

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Player Q & A

How do you motivate others?

I motivate others through my examples of hard work and dedication as well as bringing positive energy into our work. I like to create environments where players can be self taught by exposing them to game like experiences.

Who was your mentor?

My parents were my mentors because they pursued their passions in their work which made them love getting up every day and continuing to work for their entire lives. I follow their examples by going after my dreams with the same passion and willingness to grind every day.

What's one thing every athlete should do before a game?

Find some calm. Whether that be through meditation, controlled breathing or just sitting alone quietly.

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